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I am currently residing in Wichita, Kansas. I am greatly inspired by Japanese culture, and Latin culture as well. I run a small WebComic 6 months out of the year that has become my love child so to speak. I also sometimes play guitar, and make acoustic covers of popular songs. I went to Butler Community college and I learned most of my programming and design knowledge there. Originally I was going for the 3-d animation degree and I learned Game programming, 3-d modeling and basic 3-d animation as well as half of the adobe suite. Later when i switched to web development I would learn the other half, and web programming mainly focusing on design and making websites pretty and interactive, with few classes focused on back-end server-side development. I didn't see myself working as a 3-d animator since my passion has and always has been the 2-d medium, digital or otherwise. I switched to Web Development as I had experience with HTML/CSS before with my web-comic in high school, and thought I could use my skill set for a more useful purpose. Most of what you see here I've learned outside of college from Free Code Camp and from the many helpful developers at DevICT Wichita. I love those guys.


The Name VFP stands for Vincent Frank Paul, I chose not to use my real name for this business because I don't want to be confused for the designer company that uses my real name. Currently VFP operates as a sole proprietorship, focusing mainly on design and client-side web coding and behaviors, plus handling the integration, deployment, and management of Wordpress and other CMS's, as well as analytics, and basic SEO. The goal for next year is to focus on node.js, and to continue to learn technologies that speed up development, and keep the prospective client able to manage their content easily and efficiently, this includes Wordpress, Concrete5, October, Magento, Shopify, and node based CMS's. As this business grows I one day hope to fund Animations, and perhaps include marketing as one of the services that I offer.


HTML5, CSS3, bootstrap, Javascript (Ecmascript 5), Jquery, node.js, Php, mysql, Lua. Adobe Suite programs such as Photoshop, Audition, Animate, Premiere, Illustrator, Dream Weaver, After Effects. I also know and frequently use their open source equivalents GIMP, audacity, Pencil 2-d, OpenShot, Inkscape. I can do logo design, graphic design, and content generation if you want me to, though my main focus in website design is user experience via layout design, typography, and proper scaling, and in development user experience and security via making attractive and convenient web site behaviors, form validation, checking and protecting against common threats such as XXS and sql injection attacks.


Anticipated Questions

Why would I want a website?

There are plenty of reasons to want one. Especially if you want your business to grow. You may have a facebook page and thats great! I do too. But website give you credibility, saves you money in marketing, it's always accessible, can potentially open you up to global markets, and cut down on major costs. You can do things on your own website that you can't with a facebook page. Perhaps you want to have a order online service or something that calculates quotes for your customers. Perhaps you want to sell thousands of imported goods. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination and the technology available to us. I can help start and guide you along the way too. check this article out for more info.

How much do you charge?

In general it's 25 dollars per hour and I generate my quotes based on that. There are certain cases where I charge more or less. I may charge less if I have a vested interest in your business, or you are a really poor startup and you sell me on your business plan, and give me a small share of your profits. If you call me out of the blue with work I will charge you 50 dollars for the first hour, and 30 dollars for every hour after. Generally this is if you call me for small work, maintenance, bug fixes, styling issues, and you need the work now. Hopefully this would be after we've developed a nice client/professional relationship. Otherwise i would offer you some maintenance plans which keeps your site updated, and bug free in the detailed quote, which I will provide you after you email me or contact me through social media or my phone number.

What is the average cost of a website?

I made a small 4 page static website in 4 hours with no Javascript. so there's 100 dollars. The costs vary widely, and depend on your needs and situation. If you have a Wordpress template and you want to customize it (depending on how much customization) you'll save a little money on the design portion. If you want just a static site with 3 pages, then you'll save money on the programming portion. A lot of money in fact. On the low end for 3 page site with behaviors and potentially a small back end or simple web app you're looking at 5-10 hours of design, another 5-10 for styling and formatting, and another 5-12 hours programming it, 2 hours to implement search engine optimization and analytics, and an hour or two to deploy and host the site and fix any hosting issues. That comes out to 900 dollars at most and 450 at the least. Generally I will give you the higher estimate in the quote. Larger projects such as website migration/overhauls or redesigns, or pure custom design and coding could cost you upwards from 1,000 dollars to 10,000+ depending on how many pages you have, how many web applications you want or the complexity of your web app or website. Send me an email and describe to the best of your ability what you want, and I'll ask a few questions and we can come up with a solution that works for you.

How long does it take to make a website

As VFP is a startup, currently I can only work 30 hours per week. If your project is medium to large sized then I can work 40. a small custom 3-4 page website could take a 5 hours to 6 weeks depending on it's complexity. Generally the client will dictate the time it takes to create it. I will make every effort to meet the deliverables within the time you specify.

Why should I hire you?

I use modern web design techniques, create user-friendly responsive designs, and I can develop websites at a competitive price that larger agencies can't compete at. I emphasize promptness and quality in my work, and do my best to ensure my client is satisfied and happy.

Websites cost a lot of money, how could I afford it?

Lots of ways. You could provide your own design, design your own template, buy a pre-made template, you could even use a website builder. Or if you want, you can pay me to consult you in your web design decisions, and work on your own website yourself. You could make me a deal and present to me your startup and it's strategy and offer me a share of your company. You could pay installments if you like. We could talk and find out that you don't need all the bells and whistles you're thinking just yet.

What services do you provide outside of design and Development?

Currently I offer content creation, maintenance, SEO, and perhaps in the future I'll offer marketing.

What Kind of Technology do you support?

The lowest browser i support is IE 10. I can support older HTML and css, as well as bootstrap, little bit of node.js, little bit of php. Wordpress is the main CMS I'm targeting since it has the lions share of the web, but I also support other CMS's especially if they are node based. Anything that runs php/mysql and Javascript i can support. If in the event I can't do something, I have a network of developers that are ready to help me at no cost to you.

How many changes can I make to my site without additional cost?

I allow 3 major revisions. After which we need to renegotiate a contract. Any small revisions like color or moving an element somewhere else is not considered a major revision.

When is payment required for your web site design and development services?

50 percent upfront for the project, and then the rest is due upon completion. for large projects I ask 30 percent upfront. and another 30 percent midway from the projects goals, and the rest after completion.

Is a Custom Design better than an attractive template?

You bet it is. I can offer you custom tailored service that is scalable like your business much more so than a template can. However if you are pressed for time or have a limited budget go for the template, unless we can create a pretty static site for cheaper.

I need some changes on my web site or template. Do you provide that service?


What is the best approach for content maintenance on my site?

Ideally you would want a content management system. This would make it easier for you to update your content without paying someone like me to do it for you. Alternatively you could call me whenever, hope I'm not sleeping and ask me to fix it and I would fix for you at a higher price, unless you decide to get a maintenance package which I will periodically go in and run security updates and SEO updates. This lessens the chance you have to call me, and if you do, you don't have to pay as much. It also incentivizes me to give you a robust website too.

What do you do for E-commerce sites?

Generally I style them and make them look pretty and use the tools the CMS provides me to build it. I would leverage software such as Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop. E-commerce sites are usually a security nightmare if you build them yourself, a pain to update, and just expensive time and money wise. Better to have pre-made modules to design your shop that you know hackers can't easily hack.

What do you Do for Hosting?

Generally I look for free hosts with free sub-domains cause I don't like to spend money. They tend to omit security and give you less options to modify and secure your site, plus you look less legit without the proper domain name. I recommend Blue host for hosting or host gator. Go daddy is fine too. I don't host websites generally.

Do I own my website?

Of course, as long as you agree to let me display it on my portfolio, and of course all your content will always be yours. Any algorithms, and styling, thats mine i freely allow you to modify, sell, distribute and the like upon payment for completion of the project. All code and styling is under the MIT license (basically free for you to use). However you may not legally copyright my content.

Can you help me update my website?

Yes, I can and depending on how old it is, it may be a lot of work.